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"Robert "Bobby" Buchanan is a seasoned practitioner that focuses his practice exclusively on helping parents through divorce and custody matters. He is a 2019 recipient of the "10 Best" award for client satisfaction. Common types of divorce & family law cases include; contested divorces, uncontested divorces, contested and uncontested child custody proceedings, establishing child support and maintenance (AKA alimony), establishing parental rights, defending and prosecuting orders of protection, establishing a court-ordered parenting schedule and other matters involving parental rights and children.

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"Robert has been everything I would expect from an attorney and more. My daughter was in peril spending time with my ex spouse (true physical and mental danger) and Robert recognized it. He played the the long game even though I was so eager to “wrap things up” knowing it would yield the lasting results daughter needed. In the end, Robert has made sure my daughter is no longer in danger and that she is in the best situation possible for her wellbeing and growth. Very timely and professional. I will always refer friends and family to his practice." Terry
"Robert's law office was truly unique. Abnormal in a good way. They were able to efficiently help me with most-serious post-divorce custody, money, and bogus "order of protection" attempts. The issues were hurting my awesome and deserving kids. He got me on track to win what's best for my kids, which I did. He also helped me keep his time and fees to a minimum winnable solution. We didnt have much time left before my kids might have developed unrecoverable damage. My kids and I are forever thankful for the help and the results. Navigating the courts and judges et al is brutal and in ways absurd." Daniel
"I searched and screened numerous attorneys before selecting Robert. When I spoke with him he was very practical, professional and extremely helpful. I knew exactly where I stood in my custody battle. Robert even played devils advocate so that I would have insight on the respondents end. What mattered the most was his sincerity. Lee, another attorney within Robert’s office was the exact same. I remained in the loop with my case at ALL times with emails, follow up calls and invoice for services. I definitely recommend him if you need strong, affordable and experienced legal services." Colleen
Recent Results

Bobby has consistently achieved results for his clients, including:

  • Secured regular parenting time for father who had not seen his two-year old son in over one year.
  • Obtained 50-50 parenting time for father who had been marginalized to every other weekend before hiring lawyer and starting court process.
  • Successfully re-gained custody for a father who had been falsely accused of abuse of his 6-year-old daughter.
  • Obtained regular, unsupervised, parenting time and reduced child support for father who was only permitted to see child at the home of mother before hiring Joint Custody Advocates.
  • Assisted mother of 5-week old daughter negotiate a joint parenting plan, which protected child and fostered healthy relationship between father and child.
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